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milkrite | InterPuls is a global leader providing complete milking point solutions to customers across the world with the aim of improving every farm it touches.


milkrite | InterPuls is the market leader for milking cluster technology to remove milk from the cow in the most efficient way and maximise the performance of the farm with improved cost benefits for the farmer and improved animal health for the cow.

Precision, Control & Intelligence (PCI)
Our world leading Precision products control the air system within the milking process to maximise the performance and efficiency of the system and provide the most efficient milking process.

Control systems physically control the milking system to provide automation opportunities and minimise labour inputs.

Intelligence is the critical part of the dairy system to extract data from the cow and integrate this within the farm herd management system or dairy management system when supplied as an integrated solution.

Farm Services
Whilst offering the entire product range on a resale basis, milkrite | InterPuls has developed the unique Farm Services offering, where clusters, pulsators and tags are offered to the farm on a lease hire basis, with a fully incorporated service and warranty scheme managed directly with the farm.

Key Strengths

  • Long-term growth market due to growing global population and demand for dairy protein and products
  • Patented technology delivers improved on farm efficiency over the alternative competitive offerings
  • Market leader for pulsation and cluster technology in food regulated environment
  • Global distribution reach via network of independent dealers
  • Farm Services provides alternative ownership model through lease hire business


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