Avon Protection Systems

Avon Protection is the recognised global leader in advanced Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) respiratory protection systems for the world's Military, Law Enforcement and Fire markets.


Global leader within Military CBRN for respiratory protection systems with a long-term pedigree and reputation for quality, comfort and operational effectiveness. Avon Protection is the proud sole-source supplier of the US DoD joint service general purpose mask (M50), which has provided the opportunity to expand into wider respiratory technology applications in both air and sea.

Law Enforcement
Supplying a range of NIOSH and CE approved air purifying respirators for global Law Enforcement customers, whilst organically expanding a wider portfolio of filters, hoods and powered air offerings, to increase capability of the Law Enforcement community in responding to global threats.

A leading provider of thermal image camera technology and NFPA certified Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus.

Key Strengths

  • Technology and innovation leader with the reputation and capability to design, test and manufacture new products to provide enhanced user performance and capability
  • Market leader for Military respirators with long-term pedigree for performance and quality
  • High barriers to entry due to long Military programme life cycles
  • Quality approvals and technical know how create high barriers to entry for competitors
  • Capability and distribution network to provide a range of commercial products for Law Enforcement and Fire markets


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